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Floating Steel Breakwater

The design of these rugged steel floating structures is site-specific. A variety of designs are available, depending on the site exposure and level of protection required. Our specialized aluminum marine model combines a steel submerged frame and vinyl panels with extruded aluminum modules; aluminum’s structural strength, elasticity, ability to absorb energy, resilience and resistance to corrosion make it the ideal material for floating breakwaters. Because of its low cost, quick installation and clean aesthetic,this floating steel structure is preferred by sport organizations, in-port applications and boat fairs.


Floating Concrete Breakwater

An alternative to conventional fixed breakwaters, floating breakwaters protect an area from wave attack, preventing erosion of fragile coastlines. Increasingly used to protect small-craft harbours, floating structures, marinas and ports from strong wave action, they can address:
1. Poor foundation: Floating breakwaters may be an ideal solution for poor foundations that prohibit the use of bottom-supported breakwaters.
2. Deep water: Floating breakwaters are often less expensive than bottom-connected breakwaters where water depths exceed 6 m.
3. Water quality: Floating breakwaters present minimal interference with water circulation and fish
4. Ice problems: Floating breakwaters are convenient for summer anchorage or moorage sites and can be removed and towed to protected areas when ice formation is anticipated.
5. Visual impact: Floating breakwaters have a low profile and present minimal intrusion on the horizon, particularly in areas with high tide ranges.
6. Breakwater layout: Floating breakwaters can usually be rearranged into new formations with minimal effort.


A floating wave attenuator surrounds a marina to function as a protective shield against incoming waves. A majority of the wave energy is reflected back to sea, which lowers the wave height on the lee side. Floating wave attenuators can be several meters wide and hundreds of meters long.