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Glide in the refreshing water to cool off and enjoy your day on the sundeck that has it all: let the warm sun soak your skin as you lay on the sun or seek the cool shade under the parasol while sipping a nice cold drink. With floating swimming pools you can offer a swimming experience in places where it's not normally possible. Sharp rocky bottoms or dirty water might have been an obstacle before, but those days are long gone!



Yüzer su alma ünitesi yüzer pompa istasyonunun suyun istenilen bir bölgesine koyulması ve ona giden boru hattının yüzer bir yol veya yüzen botu hattı ile bağlanması ile yapılır. Bu yöntem ile serbest yüzeyli su alma yapılarına alternatif olarak suyun daha durağan bir bölgesinden ve suyun üst kotundan alınan suyun kalitesi ve alüvyon oranı çok daha düşük olacağından filtreleme ve cökeltme maliyetleri ciddi oranda azalacaktır.


It is produced for floating target system, missile trials, military exercises and shot training. It can be fixed to the desired coordinates on the water with the anchoring system at depths up to 280 meters. It provides cost advantage because it can be used repeatedly during military exercises. It can be fixed up to 60 km from the shore and the gps and camera systems can be integrated to show the instant status of the target.


Our floating walkways are an alternative to a bridge or walkway for transitioning over wetlands and small bodies of water. Custom fabricated, our floating walkways are designed to meet the needs of residential, municipal and commercial sites. Ideal for pedestrian walkways, golf cart bridges, wetlands and marshes, beach access, handicapped access.


Any restaurant can opt for nautical décor; the appeal of floating restaurants lies in the distinctive setting, fantastic views, and menu. Some settings are casual and perfect after a day on the beach. Others are downright trendy. Having dinner at a floating restaurant is an experience in its own. Great food along with waterside ambience is an incomparable package.