What are Cookies and How are They Used?

HSB MARİNE İNŞAAT SANAYİ TİCARET LİMİTED ŞİRKETİ (“HSB MARİNE”) may use cookies when a user visits or explores the address (“Website” or “Platform”), through a third party acting on their own or due to a contract for providing statistical service. Cookies are files sent by the server to the browser to save the user’s activity while exploring the site.

The use of cookies allows the website server to recognize the used browser for the purposes of simplifying the exploring experience by making it possible for previously registered users to access services, promotions, competitions and areas specially reserved for them without having to register in every visit. It may also be used to measure traffic and target audience parameters by tracking click and progress numbers.


Guarantees regarding the usage of cookies

Cookies used by web sites are only related to anonymous users and their computers and do not offer personal information regarding users.

Some cookies are used by third parties (eg. Google) to offer HSB MARİNE data about their promotions’ activity. In no circumstances can cookies collect personal data to identify a specific user. Cookies used by the Website are in any situation temporary and are only used to improve the activity of the last transmission. No cookie used in the Website has a duration longer than 2 years.

Users can configure their browsers to give them information regarding cookies taken and to block their establishment in their computers. In the event that HSB MARİNE cookies are deleted or disabled, some functions of the website may be inaccessible.

Users do not need to allow the loading of cookies to use the Website, but they need to sign in for services that need prior registering or signing in.


What Type of Cookies does HSB MARİNE Use?

HSB MARİNE uses 3 types of cookies.

1- Technical cookies

These allow the user to explore the website and to use functions such as a shopping cart or wishlist.

2- Analytical Cookies

HSB MARİNE uses Google Analytics cookies to calculate visiting users. These cookies allow the analyzing and measuring of how users explore the Website. This information allows HSB MARİNE to continually improve their service and the shopping experience of the users on the Website. For more information visit the privacy page of Google Analytics. To disable cookies managed by Google Analytics click this.

3- Preference cookies

The site will remember the preferences (such as their location or their preferred language) of the users when they explore or shop on the Website. Through cookies we can offer the users a simpler, more comfortable and personalized exploring experience.


What Happens if I Click On Links to Other Websites?

The Website may have links to other websites that have different privacy policies compared to HSB MARİNE’s privacy policy. As a result, HSB MARİNE cannot be held responsible for the content or practices of linked websites. HSB MARİNE advsies users to control the privacy policies of sites they reach (social media etc.) from 


How Does HSB MARİNE Collect and Use IP Addresses?

The Website may automatically detect the IP address and domain used by the users. 

An IP Address is a number assigned to a computer when it connects to the internet. This information allows the processing of data that makes it possible to know how many people visited the Website, the visiting order, the access point etc.


How Can I Control the Usage of Cookies?

The preferences of our visitors and users regarding the usage of cookies and similar technologies is crucial for us. And yet, the cookies necessary for the Platform to work must be used. In addition we would like to remind you that in the event that some cookies are disabled, some or all of the Platform’s functions may cease working.

The information regarding how you can manage your preferences in cookies used in the Platform is stated below:

Visitors may personalize their preferences regarding cookies by changing the settings of the browser they visit the platform in. It’s possible to change cookie preferences through browser settings if the used browser allows it. And thus, it is possible for data subjects to block the usage of cookies, to prefer to receive warnings before cookies are used or to disable or delete some cookies depending on the capabilities of the used browser.

While preferences regarding this topic differ depending on the used browser, a general explanation can be reached on the address Preferences regarding cookies might be required to be done individually for each device the visitor uses to access the Platform.

The settings menu of a mobile device may be used to manage the cookies on mobile devices.

You have the option of personalizing preferences regarding cookies by changing your browser settings.


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