What is Floating Foundation?

The foundation is the structural element that is under the buildings to be built on the land and transfers loads of structures to the ground with optimal engineering.

Floating foundation is the type of foundation that can provide load transfers of the floating building. Floating structures can be built on this floating foundation, which can be produced with the system developed by HSB Marine.

Known examples of the floating foundation principle are only on the mainland. This principle is known as the stabilizing raft foundation. Floating foundation system (FFS) which is the invention of HSB Marine, is a new technology different from what is known. It is based on the principle of building on water.

Why Floating Foundation?

A floating foundation is a reinforced concrete structure on water bodies, on which buildings can be built as on land. It can be fixed horizontally on the water. It is a structure that can rise with the sea level by using mooring systems. During the impacts of climate change and disasters, the safest structures in the world are floating structures.

It is a known fact that land reclamation is a costly, long-lasting and risky construction method today. Floating foundation allows any size and shape land construction in a much shorter time and cost-effective.

Floating houses, hotels, villas, office, cities, etc. structures on the water can be built on the floating foundation.


Floating Foundation System (FFS)

Floating foundation system (FFS) is the technology of construction on water bodies. We build any structures with desired size and shape on water. The system has a commercial life of up to 50 years. It is an environmentally friendly structure built with materials with marine concrete mix design.

Thanks to floating foundation system which is the solution for the construction on water, it is possible to build very large floating structures.  


The bearing capacity of concrete modules can vary between 600 kilos to 2 tons per square meter. The desires space is attained by attaching modules to each other through preinstalled connectors on their 4 corners.

To create a desired shape on the water the modular concrete pontoons are produced in different forms, which will create the structure when all the pontoons are connected. Concrete pontoons can be produced in special sizes for heavy loads. A unique technology that allows the construction of even at least 3-story reinforced concrete buildings on it. The system can be custom designed and applied according to the weight of the structure to be built on it.

This product has patent by HSB Marine Construction Company. All rights of the technology are reserved and protected.



Technical Specifications


 LengthWidthHeightHeight (After Casting)Freeboard
FFS 600 (600 kg/m²)4.80 (m)2.40 (m)1.00 (m)1.40 (m)0.62 - 0.63 (m)
FFS 800 (800 kg/m²)4.80 (m)2.40 (m)1.00 (m)1.60 (m)0.82 - 0.83 (m)
FFS 1200 (1200 kg/m²)4.80 (m)2.40 (m)1.40 (m)2.00 (m)1.22 - 1.23 (m)
FFS 1600 (1600 kg/m²)4.80 (m)2.40 (m)1.40 (m)2.40 (m)1.62 - 1.63 (m)

Floating Structures of Any Sizes and Shapes

  • Very Large Floating Structrure (VLFS)

  • Floating Land Extension

  • Artificial Floating Island

  • Foundation of Floating Structures