We have successfully completed the design and construction of floating structures in numerous sectors, across three different continents, in accordance with international standards.

Our design consultancy scopes generally include the following types:

  • Very Large Floating Platform (VLFP)
  • Very Large Floating Structure (VLFS)
  • Floating Building
  • Marina
  • Wave Attenuator Structure (Breakwater)
  • Floating Dock & Landing Platform

As HSB Marine, our marine project design service spans five core stages. We start with a site assessment, then proceed with project design and engineering. Using visualization, we give clients a clear project preview. We finalize by submitting the project for necessary approvals, always aiming for perfection and client satisfaction.


Project Site Assessment

Our teams diligently assess each site, capturing critical environmental data such as wind dynamics and wave patterns. Furthermore, we conduct a thorough evaluation of site topography and incorporate insights from essential bathymetric studies.


Marine Project Design

Leveraging the detailed data procured during the site assessment phase, our engineers formulate bespoke, site-centric strategies, ensuring they resonate with the specific needs of our clientele. Then they complete the preliminary design of the marine project.


Structural Static & Dynamic Calculations

With the CAE (Computer-Aided Engineering) softwares, our experts perform in-depth analyses, evaluating parameters such as live/dead loads, wind and wave interactions, as well as berthing and tidal effects. This rigorous process guides us in selecting the ideal materials to guarantee top-tier production and construction results.


Mooring Systems Engineering

At HSB Marine, we provide mooring design services for floating structures stability and fixtation on sea. Using advanced engineering and high-quality materials, we design, install, and maintain mooring systems to meet specific project needs. Committed to ensuring environmental resilience and the safety of your investment, we are your trusted partner in securing stability.



Recognizing the burgeoning demand for detailed architectural representations, we collaborate with senior marine architects and real estate developers. This partnership empowers us to vividly translate envisioned structures, spaces, and designs into compelling 3D visualizations.


Delivery of Project Documents

Upon obtaining the go-ahead for production, we meticulously prepare and present our shop drawings and material prototypes for final endorsement, ensuring clarity and adherence to established standards at every stage.

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