Specialized Pontoons

We specialize in the design and construction of floating pontoons and docks, such as floating concrete, aluminum, and steel to meet a range of requirements.

Our comprehensive services include fabrication and on-site installation. We conduct thorough site analyses to assess mooring conditions in both shallow and deep waters.

Modular floating pontoon systems allow us to special projects to the specific needs of our customers. All our products adhere to international standards, ensuring safety and durability. Our dock systems present sustainable solutions for constructing boat docks, ship berths, floating platforms, and other floating pontoon requirements as per individual demands.

Floating Marina Pontoon


The premier choice for marina building. Our floating marina pontoon boasts an exceptional strength attributed to its durable concrete structure. With a remarkable service life exceeding 50 years, it stands as a testament to its enduring longevity.

Heavy Duty Pontoon


The heavy-duty pontoon we provide is designed for exceptionally durable and expansive floating structures. In our projects, we recognize no bounds.

Floating Concrete Breakwater


Concrete breakwaters serve as an effective solution for wave protection, ensuring calm water in the face of heavy storms or tidal conditions. They stand as the ideal choice for safeguarding hotel shores and marinas against the impact of turbulent waters.

Floating Pier


Offering secure landing pontoons equipped to adjust to fluctuating water levels, our solution facilitates the smooth approach of ferries or boats. It stands as the most dependable means of transporting passengers from the water to the mainland.

Specialized Floating Docks


Whether on lakes or seas, we tailor the construction of floating docks to meet diverse demands. Our expertise extends to the development of docking systems, offering aluminum or steel constructions that cater to the needs of entertainment, tourism, sports, and private use.



We specialize in construct gangway for seamless passenger and crew transfer between water and the mainland. Our transition bridges are designed to flexibly adapt to changing water levels, ensuring a reliable and efficient connection.