Floating House


We creating living on water. With the technologies we have developed and patented, long-term and any size floating house on the water is possible. With an innovative vision, we have unique technologies for life on water. Floating cities, floating houses, floating villas, floating hotels, and more...

Water Sports and Tourism


We provide functional, convenient, and luxurious experiences with our floating solutions for responsive and sustainable tourism. We do not only offer tourism but also provide a variety of services, such as floating platforms, to water sports organizations.

Floating Office


Build a office on the water. With the floating office, have the blue vision. With our floating foundation technology, we can produce floating buildings in the desired width and architecture. Take a look at the floating office solution we can provide for you.

Renewable Energy


We are developing renewable energy technologies on water. The floating energy technologies we provide are innovative and patented technologies that use the efficiency of water while preserving the capacity of land areas. It offers the most optimal renewable energy solutions.



We build floating marina from scratch or for renovation with our concrete or aluminum type floating marina pontoons and accessories. We visit job sites and collect all the necessary information about environmental conditions like wind force, wave action, site topography and examine relevant bathymetry.

Oil and Gas


Development projects including project design, engineering, production, site production, and on-site installation of industrial needs such as intake units, and pump station on water in the scopes of oil and gas industry are provided by us.

Coastal Protection


We developing coastal protection and wave attenuation systems. Breakwater systems, which we provide with floating concrete or steel breakwaters, are indispensable products for coasts that need smooth seas, such as hotels. We provide solutions with our optimal engineering according to the needs.



We expertly solve and deliver challenging floating solutions for any needs of to weapons and military technologies testing on the sea. We design and manufacture platforms where companies will test their special weapon technologies on water, and we provide durable solutions.