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A must for constructing safe marinas is our monolithic concrete pontoon. Floating marina pontoon is a product for marina building with its durability and long life. With its solid structure, it is the most preferred marina pontoon type.

Our monolith concrete pontoon products are a must for building durable and long-lasting marinas with their 50+ years of service life. With its extremely strong structure, it is the most preferred marina pontoon type today. Thanks to the water-friendly concrete mixture, it doesnʼt pollute the water and is extremely fire-resistant.

Marina Building and Renovation

Renovation is a significant service among HSB Marineʼs offerings. Remodelling and modernization are essential to sustain a marinaʼs life.

When marinas age, increasing maintenance costs and inadequate facilities can turn profits into losses. Aging marinas require constant maintenance. Thats is resulting in high maintenance costs. With the redesign and construction of existing structures, we add extra value and life to your marina.

Accessories and Maintenance

Whether in Turkey or through our regional local partners, our team of experts provides continuing support through our maintenance agreement.

To prolong the life of your project, we offer the modification, reconstruction and accessories supply services.

• Utilities (Marine Pedestals)
• Covering (Concrete or Wood Decking)
• Mooring Cleats (Stainless Steel or Aluminium)

Technical Specifications

Width2.0 m - 6.0 m
Length10.0 m - 24.0 m
Height110 cm
Weight12 - 34 Tons
Freeboard60 cm
Buoyancy550 kg/m2
Breaking Loads82,000 kgf (x2 units)

All concrete pontoons are produced using marine type sulfate resistant concrete.

High density EPS (Expanded Polystyrene Foam) is used inside.

We construct long-lasting and safe floating marina projects including engineering, fabrication, mobilization and site installation.

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