Floating Pontoons and Docks


The main feature of the floating dock products we have developed is that they are long-lasting and durable. We provide floating pontoon design, production, installation and maintenance services according to projects. Floating pontoons for needs in various materials and capacities.

Floating Foundation System


The floating foundation system, which is the technology of building on water, is a patented technology. The system, which is formed by connecting concrete floating modules to each other, allows to build very large concrete structures on the water. 3+ storey buildings can be built on this floating structure.

Floating Solar


Environmentally friendly solar energy platform system we have developed for renewable energy generation on water. An efficient and sustainable energy technology, thanks to its adjustable angle solar panel positioning and extra energy production due to the temperature of the water.

Advanced Marina


Developed for private marina projects, the marina pontoon is a quality product that we provide for highly comfortable and advanced marinas with its modular connections and wider than standards.



EasyMarin, an HSB Marine company, offers floating products that will take coastal tourism into a new era. coastal tourism products; They are environmentally friendly products with long-lasting and recyclable materials. It has been specially designed to provide maximum user comfort and experience.



Houseboat, which has two different features as a house and a boat. We provide the comfort of a 5-star suite on the water with the comfort of a luxury yacht. 100% Electric, new generation living experience with smart home system.