Why Floating House?

Floating houses are a competitive alternative to houses on land and will soon become the mainstream real-estate investment. The cons of floating are much less than the pros.

These are the main reasons:

• Resilient Growth
• Safety in Times of Floods or Earthquakes
• Flexibility and Portability
• Cost and Time Efficient Production
• The Price Will Drop by Time

Live On Water

Long-term real estate on water is an important need of the nowadays and the future. Living on the water is now possible with our floating construction solutions. We provide floating building projects on water. Floating house, floating villa and more.

Thanks to our system development for building on bodies of water, we are able to construction of building on floating foundations. With Floating Foundation System (FFS), housing costs can be significantly reduced compared to land-based construction.

Floating House Construction

The Floating Foundation System (FFS) is the technology of floating construction on water. Thanks to FFS, building in any floating architecture can be built on a body of water. With FFS, floating structures of the desired width can be built on the water.

Now offering on water the exact same standards of living we are accustomed to on land. FFS is a special technology developed for construction on the water.

Future Living Could Be Floating Homes

Due to climate change, sea level is rising. Many metropolises, specifically in the United States, will suffer from frequent flooding and over 400 million people will be directly affected by rising water levels by the end of the century.  Read Article.

If no action is taken, the damage to cities from flooding could amount to $1tn a year by 2050, according to a World Bank report. Many world organizations warn about the urgency to protect cities and communities from these risks.

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