Floating Solar Power Plant Solution

The marine environment is filled with many renewable energy sources such as the sun, wind and ocean. Floating solar is our marine renewable energy system that generates energy on water with solar arrays.

Floating solar, also known as floating photovoltaic, is the system that makes it possible to power plant installation a body of water. It's an efficient solution than ground mounted solar farms.

Thanks to floating solar installation technologies, a power plant of any desired width can be built on the water without losing valuable land areas. It's can be quickly installed in the desired area as a modular, and can be easily disassembled when it is desired to be moved. The modular system allows power plants can be installed on the water at the desired decare.

Floating pv provides hybrid solutions for hydroelectric power plants. Solar panels that produce energy on dam water reduce the evaporation rate of the water.

Advantages and Benefits

The cost-effective solution you need for clean energy production on body of water is floating solar platforms.

Our floating solar farms is technically the most efficient, safe, environmentally friendly and long-lasting. It has many additional advantages and benefits over systems today.

FRP Platform Instead of Plastic

Solar panels are positioned on FRP (Fiber Reinforced Polymer) platforms. Thanks to the double-sided panels that can use both direct sunlight and the rays reflected from the water, it is a much more efficient system than solar power plants on land.

FRP is a more durable, long-lasting and eco-friendly material on a body of water than plastic. The fiber floats are flexibly connected to each other by the upper steel frame carrying the panels, forming a single and stable energy island. The system is highly resistant to wind and waves, and the risk of capsizing is much less.

High Energy Efficiency

The cooling effect of water on the panels allows more electricity to be produced.

It is possible for this system to generate 58 MWh of electricity per year. Thanks to this patented technology, 8% more electricity is produced per square meter than current systems.

In other systems, the solar panels are at angles between 5-15 degrees. Due to the low wind load coefficient of very light floaters, a maximum of 12 degrees is often warranted. A 12-degree solar panel can generate 2.5% less electricity per year than the same solar panel placed at 25 degrees in our longitudes.

Fire Resistant and Disaster-Proof

Plastic floaters are at a maximum height of 20-25 cm from the water. In this system, since the panels are at a height of at least 60 cm from the water, their durability and efficiency over the years are high.

The system has been designed as a solution to these problems in the past, such as the disasters that will arise due to the rupture of the solar arrays in high winds, and the risks of fire disasters that will arise from the excessively close positioning of panels. It is a high secure solution thanks to its panels positioned at a safe level.

The service roads provided by the platform are designed so that people can move freely on it. Being built on an extremely robust mechanical system, it shows durability like on land. Solar panels installed on the platform in the water work more efficiently than panels mounted on land.

Environment Friendly

Floating solar panels have the feature of reducing the evaporation of water. Today, there are methods in which the water surface is covered with various materials to prevent the evaporation of water. Floating solar panels can provide the solution on their own without the need to cover the water.  

Solar panels, which reduce the evaporation of water, have the ability to help protect drinking water reservoirs. It positively affects the water quality.


With a lifespan of 20 years, it is much longer lasting than systems with solar panels installed on a plastic dock.

Our patented system is the longest lasting and environmentally friendly solution available.


This product has patent by HSB Marine Construction Company. All rights of the technology are reserved and protected.

As HSB Marine, we are now offering Turkey's first floating solar plants. Together with United States, South Korea, China and France, we are proud to be the country, which has the floating solar technology.