Mega Dock Mega Dock Module Dock


HSB Marine's Floating Piers for On-Water Construction are the durable and highly flexible floating work platforms that help you get the job done. Strong and durable, they are rugged for many commercial and construction applications and can be customized for your specific site. Whether you need to stabilize equipment, move parts, access a remote job site or get a crew to a job site, these floating workstations let you get to work with less worry. They have customization options if you need extra surface area or have specific job needs.


Floating ferry terminal aims to restore the natural environment and enhance natural irrigation, it also calls for an area with plants that will strengthen the natural protection of the banks against river floods.


HSB Marine Mega Yacht Pontoons fulfil the highest demands required by private marinas and commercial applications that cater for the biggest yachts and commercial vessels. Mega Yacht concrete pontoons offer extreme stability and are designed for the largest marinas and public concourses. They provide high standards of floating berth facilities for big boats and super yachts.