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Marinas need well-designed waterfront spaces for clients and users. Sturdy and attractive dock solutions make your marina look terrific, and allow more of the water area to be used. The right docks for marinas make the most efficient use of space and allow members to use a variety of watercraft, and HSB Marine has plenty of solutions to help you get just that.


The performance and endurance of concrete floating platforms is outstanding. They can be built with almost any freeboard and can be square, round, curved, sloped, stepped, notched and decked in any way the owner specifies. They support buildings of every style and building material. Floating platforms are limited only by the imagination!


This is a special solution that allows mooring of yachts in the middle of the water where there is difficulty in accessing the coastline and a shortage of land, this can be remedied by placing buildings on the water, creating “land” where there was none.


Typically the dock is entered at high tide. As the tide ebbs a sill or weir prevents the level dropping below a certain point, meaning that the ships in the dock remain afloat, although they still rise and fall with the tides above this. They must be built to accommodate the rise and fall of the tide, and withstand wave energy


Our floating walkways are an alternative to a bridge or walkway for transitioning over wetlands and small bodies of water. Custom fabricated, our floating walkways are designed to meet the needs of residential, municipal and commercial sites. Ideal for pedestrian walkways, golf cart bridges, wetlands and marshes, beach access, handicapped access


Modern, yet classic. The clean lines of our roof covered boat docks add stunning design to your shoreline. Every detail reveals our legendary design excellence. Superior materials and construction create a safe haven from sun, rain, and wind. All created for carefree waterfront living. Our wide range of options and accessories creates almost endless covered boat dock designs to fit your lifestyle.

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