This project, which we built in Qatar in 2022, writes its name in history as the largest floating artificial island project in the world today. We built a 2000 square meter floating island in front of the Raffles Hotel, the hotel of our client Katara Hospitality.

Source : Google Earth

As HSB Marine, we have added a new one to our success stories by completing this challenging project we built in front of the Raffles Hotel in Doha, where the 2022 FIFA World Cup opening ceremony will take place.

We have successfully completed this structure, which can be constructed in 3 times longer with the land reclamation construction method, in a record short time and with a floating foundation system with low resource usage. Restaurants will be built on this artificial island, which is our engineering marvel, and will offer its users a unique experience on the water.

This artificial island, which we designed and built in the shape of a hotel, with a new production methodology never seen before in the world, is the first floating artificial island to be built. As can be seen from the flawless curve lines of the artificial island, it was built with expertise and meticulousness, befitting the iconic structure of Raffles Hotel.

The World's Largest Floating Artificial Island – Doha, Qatar

The most unique feature of this floating artificial island that we have built is that structures can be built on it. You ask why?

The floating foundation system patented by HSB Marine was developed to construct very large floating structures, thanks to the large area obtained by combining monolithic floating concrete platforms on the water. The platform we built in Doha Qatar, thanks to its high durability, +40 years of life and stability, makes it possible to build durable and long-lasting structures such as reinforced concrete structures, just like on land.

The modularity of the system enables us to build floating artificial islands anywhere in the world. Our modules can be sent anywhere in the world by land and sea.

Artificial Floating Island – 3D Design 

Using our patented technology floating foundation system, our expert engineers and architects designed the 2000 square meter floating artificial island in the shape of the Raffles Hotel. The floating island was designed in such a way that 5 monolithic (one-piece) floating concrete would be combined on the water.

FFS, Floating Modules – Doha, QATAR

All modules of the artificial floating island were manufactured and tested in Kocaeli, where we have our own production and also our R&D Test center. Our floating modules, which passed all tests successfully by our quality experts, were ready to be transported to Doha for on-site installation and production.

Site Operations – Doha, Qatar

Our project team specialized in offshore construction and operations was in Doha to perform site installation and on-water production. The concrete casting process on water, which will be realized for the first time in the world, has been successfully carried out and completed by our experts.

Concrete Casting on Water – Doha, Qatar

In this project, where we realized many firsts, we added a new success story at each stage of the project. Our expert team, who completed 5 one-piece floating concrete in record time, built the world's largest single-piece floating concrete structure. This achievement was a game-changer in the history of offshore construction. For the first time in the world, the HSB Marine team succeeded in constructing a living space on water.

The World's Largest Single Piece Floating Concrete Pontoon

5 single pieces of floating concrete were combined on the water, creating the look of the iconic structure of the Raffles Hotel, which is the whole shape of the project. The new 2000 square meter area was ready on the water. Those who set foot on it had only one sentence to say, "It's no different from the land!"