Life is the sum of all the phenomena that occur from the birth of living things until their death. Humans, living species, meet all their life needs on land due to their biological characteristics. All living things, except sea creatures, live on land, the part of the Earth not covered by seas.

Based on Maslow's hierarchy of needs, when we look at the basic needs of people, the two most important needs are;

• Psychological needs
• Safety needs

People aim to reach two basic needs in the place they reside permanently. This place is where they lead their lives.

Almost all living things have had to create sheltered areas throughout history. This ensures a safe and peaceful environment for themselves and their families. These areas are "homes" as it is said today.

Scientific studies are essential for creating secure and peaceful living spaces. This has driven the development of the building construction sector, bringing it to its current state.

Today's technologies are able to meet people's security needs in terms of safe living spaces. However, their psychological needs are just as important.

Like floating houses, living near water has very beneficial effects on psychological needs. Even the sound of water has many positive effects on our mental health. According to scientific researches, being by the sea has a positive effect on mental health.

Safe living spaces can be built on water. This is beneficial for people's psychology. It creates a living space that meets two basic needs in the most ideal way. That is, the floating buildings.

What is a Floating Building?

A floating building is a structure built on the base of the foundation system on body of water. Sustainable floating structures can change people's life trend.

Floating structures and buildings require specialized flotation systems. These systems are permanently attached to the seafloor, allowing for the construction of structures on them.

All structures in which humanity lives safely are built on land. It is widely acknowledged that three quarters of the world is covered by water. Every day, the notion of living on water is becoming more realistic. 

To build sustainable floating houses, reinforced buildings must be created. They must be durable and long-lasting. These structures must be built on water.

Is It Possible to Build Floating Reinforced Concrete Buildings?

Floating structures today are not sustainable. Their flotation systems have a short lifespan and lack stability and durability on water. To build a sustainable building on water, reinforced buildings are needed.

Floating structures could be built to meet the safety requirements of permanent housing. This would provide the two primary needs for these people. It would be the most ideal solution. Today, it is possible to build structures suitable for life that people need, on water as well as on land.

To construct a safe structure on water, the flotation system must be suitable. This ensures robust performance, similar to a building on land. The reason for this is that the structures on land are very stable, durable and long-lasting.

One of the building construction methods with very good safety performance on land is reinforced concrete structures. The most important features of these structures in terms of building safety are;

·        Strength

·        Durable

·        High fire Resistance

·        Ductile

·        High Seismic Resistance

It was known that reinforced concrete structures could not be floating on water until today. But the company HSB Marine has developed a flotation system for safe and long-lasting floating structures. The "Floating Foundation System" patented is a system that enables the construction of reinforced concrete floating structures on water.

This flotation system was specially developed for floating structures and floating buildings. Reinforced safe structures can be built on this foundation base produced with reinforced concrete material.

The floating foundation is extremely durable and strong, as well as long-lasting. Thanks to this system, safe living spaces on land can now be built on water.

HSB Marine continues to develop continuously with its expertise in all kinds of Floating Structures of unlimited sizes.