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Floating Breakwater and Wave Attenuator Systems

Floating breakwater and wave attenuator systems are used to protect marina and harbor structures from wave and external influences. Wave damping characteristics of floating breakwaters vary according to the wave period and wave height. They have 90 to 100% wave retention in short and medium period wave formations. They also show damping of up to […]

Why To Use Floating Pontoons And Docks ?

Floating piers are basically structures above the water base or fixed to the shoreline. The purpose of using floating pontoon types may depend on various factors. We shall briefly list a few of these factors:   Sustainable Production & Green Floating Structures Classic dock and pier models are built with driving steel pile or sheets [...]

Floating Water Intake Structures and Floating Pump Station

Conventional water intake units are structures that allow the water to be taken from the water-basin (river, dam or lake) and transported to the transmission lines. These structures are used in many places in the world for a multitude of purposes. The aim here is: the ability to take water at any time, the constant […]

How to Choose When Selecting Floating Docks (pontoons) ?

Floating docks can be manufactured from various different structural materials, and are mainly used as a passage between land and water. In general, the available types of floating docks are: concrete pontoon, aluminum pontoon, floating steel framed docks, rotational HDPE plastic docks and polyethylene pontoons.   So how to find the right floating dock and […]

Floating Swimming Pool

Swimming is one of most favored sports activities around the World. It is a great way to spend some time together with family and friends as well as being very healthy. It is a great way to fuse the useful with the delightful. Nowadays, when there is no practical solution in a crowded city for […]

Floating Concrete Pontoons and Docks

A floating concrete pontoon is a solid form made of reinforced concrete and an inner group of chambers filled with a lightweight watertight material, typically polystyrene. The essence of the technology of design and manufacturing of floating concrete structures, is the calculation and design to produce a heavy structure that will meet the following requirements: […]